The mutual love for the arts, nature and rare gemstones brought our founding partners, Emily Tan and Maddy Barber together. MADLY is the world they’ve created, where the earth’s finest treasures are transformed into unique sparklers that personify their owners.

That was in 2014. Since then, MADLY creations have captured the attention and praise of jewellery lovers, mavens and the media from around the world, with press coverage in the 20th March 2016 issue of the International New York Times, and most recently with this rising star being awarded Jewels & Time Tatler 10 Singapore’s Best Jewellers 2016 and 2017.

Team Madly

Our creative team of passionate designers and gem educators are here to listen, understand and help you create something unique and precious that will last beyond a lifetime…

Emily Tan - Founder and Head Designer

Creative Director / Co-founder, Emily Tan (above)

Emily Fern Tan is a GIA graduate gemologist and New York trained jewellery designer with over a decade’s experience designing and handcrafting jewellery.

Her invaluable experience working at Jimmy Choo Couture in London,  Marni in Milan and Kara Ross, New York allowed her to hone her skills and innate talent over the years, both as a designer and craftswoman – culminating in the birth of MADLY where her love for rare gemstones and the desire to create beautiful, lasting objects are realised every day at our cosy creative space in Tiong Bahru.

“When you’re forced to produce 25 sketches in 2 hours to be presented to the Head Designer of an international brand, you either rise up to the challenge, or you get sent home in a box. That’s the best thing New York taught me”, says Emily. “I feed off people’s energy when it comes to designing a bespoke piece. I love to hear their stories and because jewellery is such an emotional thing, a piece of you goes into every masterpiece Madly produces.”

Senior Jewellery Designer, Anita

Senior Designer, Anita Shewchuk (above)

Anita Shewchuk is a former interior designer turned jewellery designer who gravitates toward geometric patterns. Her ID background gives an interesting perspective to her original designs; and Anita has often been praised for her ability to modify and add a surprising twist to the most classic of designs, while keeping the essence of a beloved timeless style intact – which can be the hardest thing for a designer to do.

Marketing and PR for Madly Gems

Managing Director / Co-founder, Maddy Barber (above)

Maddy Barber is Singapore’s most prominent female voice on morning airwaves; and hosts the #1 rated English breakfast show on Kiss92 FM. She has joked on many occasions that Singaporeans spend way too much on bags and shoes when they could be buying gems that not only increase in value over time, but also last many lifetimes. She also does not buy the “semi-precious” label used on gemstones that are not Diamonds, Sapphire, Rubies or Emeralds.

“Every gem is unique and thus, precious. There’s something very poetic about wearing a rock that has been sitting around in the earth for millions of years until it finally finds a place on your hand”, says Maddy. “Often I’d walk into a jewellery store and see something nice but not totally ‘me,’ then walk away wishing I could make slight tweaks to it just to call it my own.”

Well, now she can. We all can.

Pauline Choo

Educator and Jeweller, Pauline Choo (above)

Pauline may be our newest member of Team Madly, but she is no newbie to the jewellery industry. With over a decade’s experience in fine jewellery retail, hers is a wealth of knowledge and stories waiting to be unlocked by diamond and gem lovers who are willing to listen and learn.

Job Opportunites & Internships

We are constantly looking for passionate designers to grow with us and raise the bar of the jewellery industry in Singapore. For job application and internship, kindly send us your resume with a photo to the following email address: